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Opal by Wick and Bear Candle- No 1

Opal by Wick and Bear Candle- No 1

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No. 1: Tobacco Blossom, Spice, Tonka

Embrace the warmth of No. 1, where the rich, aromatic notes of tobacco blossom intertwine with the tantalizing allure of exotic spices and the creamy sweetness of tonka bean. This sophisticated blend evokes a sense of cozy elegance and timeless charm.

Part of our Opal collection, a luxurious new line inspired by the multifaceted beauty of opals. This collection is a celebration of endless passion and creativity, reflecting the vibrant, complex dimensions found within each of us.

Each candle in the Opal Collection features a high-end scent, thoughtfully numbered to let the fragrance speak for itself. Housed in elegant clear glass tumblers with wooden wicks and natural cork lids, these candles are designed for both aesthetic appeal and sustainability, offering a reusable vessel that complements any decor.

The Opal Candle Collection invites you to explore and indulge in the spectrum of scents, each one designed to ignite a sense of refined elegance and sensory delight.