Free Local delivery in Chatham Kent 3 Nights per week: Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Evenings❤️

Contact Us + Delivery Details

Wondering how our Free Local Delivery works?

It applies to Chatham Kent residents only, we leave it open for anyone to choose at checkout in case they are sending a gift to a local loved one from afar, but it only applies within Chatham Kent. 

Currently delivering Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Deliveries happen between 7-9pm (when you are most likely to be at home) and are completed in a no contact drop to your front porch, with a little knock to let you know it has arrived. (As an aside we live in the country ourselves and are aware country dwellers most likely don’t use the front door, we will put your parcels by the door you most likely use, or by the door with the light on.) 

If orders are placed before 6pm on any given delivery day it is most likely to arrive that very same evening! You will receive a confirmation email to let you know the parcel is coming that day, Please put a porch light on for us✨ It helps us to find your home, and also to navigate your steps etc. 

*There are some exceptions for those of you a little farther away such as Wallaceburg, Dresden, Tilbury and the surrounds, in order to be more environmentally friendly we try to schedule these deliveries together when we have another in your area, it usually doesn’t take long and generally happens on the Saturday Delivery Route. 

if your order is a gift please feel free to leave a note in the “instructions for seller” at checkout, we will gladly get it added to your gift for you, and wrap it up as well! ❤️

Get in Touch~ We’d Love to hear from you! 

Drop us a line 👇 or Find us on the social: @antiquatedjoys