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Wolf Blend Moccasin Joe Coffee Beans 340g
Wolf Blend Moccasin Joe Coffee Beans 340g

Wolf Blend Moccasin Joe Coffee Beans 340g

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Welcome to Moccasin Joe Artisan Coffee. We are an Indigenous Family-Owned and operated business who prides themselves in not only roasting coffee, but transforming it into an experience

The Tribal-Brazil Origin, Rich, Creamy and Heavy-Bodied Medium Roast

Our Signature Medium Coffee Roast. Originating from Brazil, this rich and heavy-bodiedMedium coffee roast is sure to put some flavour into your mornings. With notes of Almonds, its taste and mouth feel are sure to please to pickiest of palates.

The Moccasin Joe Coffee Experience is what we call the sum of all our parts. As a small, indigenous-owned artisan coffee roasting business, our hope is that the business we grow represents a set of values we cherish. Which is why we've commited ourselves to 6 moral guidelines, all of which are reflected in all aspects of our product. From sourcing, to roasting, packaging and shipping, the following tenets are what make up the Moccasin Joe Coffee Experience™:
  • Mother Earth

    We let Mother Earth do what she does best. As there is Terroir qualities for the finest of wines, Coffee too exhibits the qualities of its locality. Great regions, with soil rich in nutrients and at the right elevation is what produces outstanding coffee, and that's what we look for. This is the foundation to a good end product.

  • The Feather

    In our culture, the feather signifies trust, friendship and respect. We like to work closely with coffee partners who exemplify these values as we do. Fostering these relationships are the key to a sustained, common growth. These alliances are what make up our popular single origin coffees and our own blends

  • The Canoe

    While moving coffee around the world in a canoe would be impractical, we use the canoe as a metaphor to represent our philosophy on transport. We always opt for transport methods and routes that minimize our environmental impact.

  • Preservation

    We keep a small, temperature and humidity controlled environment for the green coffee beans we receive. This ensures the coffee's freshness up to roasting it. We periodically do visual and moisture checks to make sure the storage conditions of our pre-transformed beans remain optimal.

  • Transformation

    What most call roasting for the sake of simply communicating, we call transforming. We feel that the transformation of coffee beans is part art, and part science: Incorporating cutting edge technology, paired with Walter's 16 years of award-winning expertise. It's this combination that defines the quality of the transformation the end product will see.