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Mini Himalayan Salt  Lamp Usb

Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp Usb

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This Cylinder shaped shaped lamp is composed of Himalayan salt. It sits on a wood base which holds theLED light.

Himalayan salt is ethically collected from the Himalayan Mountains (North Pakistan), where salt deposits formed millions of years ago during the compression of the ancient seas. Since the salt crystals are a natural formation, the crystals have their own distinct patterns and colours, making each lamp uniquely beautiful. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are known to naturally produce negative ions, which help to cleanse and purify the air. Lamp’s glow also has a relaxing effect, making it ideal before bed and for meditation.

    • Helps clean and purify the air
    • Reduces electro-magnetic pollution
    • Known to improve mood and concentration
    • Helpful for asthma and upper respiratory problems
    • Has a soothing and calming effect
    • Helps alleviate feelings of depression
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Assists with natural healing processes
We have verified with our supplier that this Himalayan salt comes from DRY mines.

Our supplier has GMP and BRC certifications and a portion of their Fair Trade Policy is covered under these. They also have SA8000 certification which requires meeting a set of stringent guidelines to ensure social compliance. The guidelines include giving back to the community. In this case they have set up a welfare school (with no school fee) and a welfare clinic in the vicinity of their factory where there is an abundance of poor/low income families.