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Marrakech Market Baskets
Marrakech Market Baskets
Marrakech Market Baskets
Marrakech Market Baskets

Marrakech Market Baskets

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Ethically Sourced and imported by us for you!

The traditional Moroccan basket has been used in Maghreb since the dawn of time to carry fruits and vegetables ~it made its way to Mediterranean markets a very long time ago. It is the ideal shopping bag! 

This large basket made of palm leaves has 2 short natural Jute handles, so that you can hold it comfortably in hand. Moroccan basketwork is renowned for it’s solid yet supple quality. These Beautiful baskets are light, great for storage, ecological, ethical AND pretty, ~ Perfect accessory. 
Straight from the Souks of Marrakech, ethically sourced + expertly handmade with environmentally friendly traditions passed down through generations of artisans❤️

Made in natural DOUM (plaited palm leaves) and jute straps.

Removable oversized Pom in white or mint, your choice! 

Dimensions: (Approximately- hand made items differ by piece)

  • Opening 19” diameter
  • Base 12x 6”


The south of Morocco is home to large palm groves, and the use of straw has always been rooted in the local culture. Basketweaving is the oldest craft of Morocco and was originally performed only by men. Today, women have also taken up the art, and basketry has continued to grow. Like all Moroccan crafts, basketry and weaving forms differ from one region to another. Grouped into cooperatives or associations, the craftswomen work together to sell their products at market.

The palm fronds used in the weaving must be cut regularly for the palms to grow. The fronds are then repurposed in the crafting of these baskets, and so the craft is involved in the growth of the tree and is part of a sustainable development and ecology.