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Long Jaquard  Sweater~ 3 Colours
Long Jaquard  Sweater~ 3 Colours
Long Jaquard  Sweater~ 3 Colours

Long Jaquard Sweater~ 3 Colours

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This sweater’s geometric and classy composition is an alpaca blend, made with pure Peruvian baby alpaca, one of the world’s silkiest, warmest, most luxurious, and sustainable fibres.

A good sweater should last. A favourite sweater is one that lasts and that you always reach for. This is a heirloom-quality and all-season essential sweater. It features a long, mid-leg length to cover the backside, providing extra material for added coziness, and to have that popular duster-style look and feel.

With pleated shoulders, it features hidden, double clasps across the chest so you can secure the sweater closed if you don't want to wear it open. Alpaca has a stretchy, silky nature to it, so this one-size alpaca style is able to fit many different types of bodies. This doubles as a Fall transition coat, and a year-round sweater.

Baby alpaca refers to the very first sheer of a newer alpaca, resulting in a supremely soft fleece. As such, it’s a very special fleece, as baby alpaca fibre is harvested just once in the alpaca’s life. A natural & technical fibre - it is one of the highest performing. This is a stunning capsule/sustainable closet addition.

Materials 30% baby Peruvian alpaca, 70% microfibre
Measurements One size fits most.

The length of the sweater is 44.25".

The sleeve length is 25" from shoulder seam to wrist

Colours Black, Beige, Grey
Origin Peru