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Brass Teabag Holder

Brass Teabag Holder

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A Simple, elegant, and perfectly polished teabag holder is the perfect addition to your tableware at your next teatime.  Treat your guests to ingenious creations as you lay out the table with clever serve ware. Whether it is to place a fresh teabag of their favourite brew or to hold a used one, these adorable teabag holders make for a quirky, yet sophisticated addition to any table set up

Specs Material:¬Solid Brass

Size: 9.5 x 6.5 x 1 cm (3.8"x 2.5"x0.3")

Weight: 39.5 g


The Cire Perdue Brass Casting Method  All our solid brass items are made with an intricate wax casting process that has a rich history. The method used to craft this process is entirely handmade and was known long ago.