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Boreal Heartland Alder Pepper Seasoning 20g
Boreal Heartland Alder Pepper Seasoning 20g

Boreal Heartland Alder Pepper Seasoning 20g

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Also known as Dune Pepper, Alder Catkins are piney, woodsy, and peppery. Best ground and mixed with ingredients. If you want to sprinkle on a dish, grind with a mortar and pestle instead of a pepper grinder as the catkins can be a little resinous and sticky. Alder Catkins will go marvelously with earthy and meaty ingredients, wild game, most wild fowl, chicken, pork, and beef. Alder catkins will also compliment the flavors from chanterelles and spruce tips. Exceptional in cures, brines, and marinades.

If this is a new food for you be attentive when consuming.

Boreal Heartland Labrador tea is known to many as Muskeg Tea. This tea is enjoyed around campfires throughout the north. It has a golden honey hue and steeps with an abundance of flavour and aroma. The herb’s smell is reminiscent of dry cedar and fresh pine, with notes of spice and mild Eucalyptus. The flavour finishes with notes of white tea and has a light honey mouth feel. Caffeine free. Wild harvested in Northern Saskatchewan.

All ingredients are foraged from the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness. Boreal Heartland is dedicated to sustainable and ethical harvest of boreal plants, providing income for Indigenous residents and clean, healthy products for the world.