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Azilal Rug Vintage - Synergy
Azilal Rug Vintage - Synergy
Azilal Rug Vintage - Synergy

Azilal Rug Vintage - Synergy

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Bold geometric patterns are characteristic of many regions of Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. But it’s the Azilal region, extending north of the High Atlas to the southern foothills of the Middle Atlas Mountains, that provides many of the most-sought-after, heavily decorated carpets. Lacking a written language, ancient Berber weavers incorporated ancestral myths into their textiles using archaic images and symbols. Azilal rugs are single knotted, which allows for very fine work and artistic design, and explains why the patterns are so intricate

This Vintage carpet from the Azilal region in the Atlas Mountains was traditionally woven for domestic use. The wonderfully wild and abstract compositions silently give insight into the culture of the Berber women who weave them. The minimalistic and abstract images are expressions of the natural environment, the life experience and beliefs of the weaver.
They are unique pieces of modern art to decorate your floor or wall.

Excellent condition

30-40 years old

Dimensions: 6’4” x 3’10”