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Sequoia~Proudly Indigenous Body +Home

Sequoia is a Proudly Indigenous brand that is 100% owned and operated by Indigenous women. Founded in 2002 by Michaelee Lazore who is Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) from Akwesáhsne and Northern Paiute from Nevada. The design, production, and packaging of all the products is done in the working studio locally. None of the manufacturing is outsourced. In order to keep the next seven generations in mind, the production is sustainable and ingredients are ethically sourced.  Sequoia is located in Kahnawake, Quebec
From the Maker Michaelee Lazore: “Sequoia Native handmade Organics are for those who want it beautiful, Natural, and appreciate that native Connection”

I've made it our mission to provide our customers with products that not only smell and feel good, but that come from renewable ingredients. The essential and fragrance oil blends I've created take into consideration their effects on the body and mind. Healing herbs, flowers, spices and other nutrients are used for embellishment as well as for their exfoliating and nourishing properties. We do not use petroleum or petroleum by-products in any of our formulas. Sequoia products are inspired by native herbs, legends and wisdom. Most of the ingredients that I use are actually edible; therefore providing the philosophy that what is good for the inside is also good for the outside. Mother Nature provided me with the materials that I need. I hope that not only will you be impressed with Sequoia products, but that your friends and family will be too. Sequoia Native Handmade Organics is one of a kind.”