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Floor Cushions & Leather Poufs

Add global inspiration, warmth and intrigue to any space with a one of a kind Boujad pouf! Each is made from a hand-knotted Vintage Boujad carpet, and hand-stitched by the Berber women of the Atlas Mountains. Perfect as extra seating around the coffee table or a stylish footrest in front of the sofa. These textiles have history, having spent up to 80 years as a carpet before being fashioned into a pouf, I love to imagine where they have been and what they have “seen” in all those years. Definitely brings a ton of character with it into your home. 

In Morocco these poufs/ floor cushions are generally stuffed with old blankets and towels, we recommend the same! 

*Personal Experience- I’m often asked “doesn’t your pet claim it as their new bed?” The answer is a No, our dog lays on the couch while I sit on the pouf and stroke him, Seriously - We love our Boujad pouf and it stands up against all the bouncing and shenanigans that go on around here. We just go over it with the vacuum hose once in a while.

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