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These gorgeous Alpaca socks have a low carbon footprint! Did you know Alpaca have soft padded feet instead of hooves (which minimizes erosion) and that just like their camel cousins they consume less water than other animals? With efficient digestion their feed levels are also low, nibbling only on the tops of pasture grass without uprooting it!  Because Alpaca wool contains no Lanolin oil, no harsh chemicals are needed to process it. 

Introducing premium, fairly-traded, Peruvian pima cotton socks! Pima cotton is exceptional for its extra-long silky fibers, and Peru is famous worldwide for being one of the globe's most perfect climates in which to grow this luxury cotton. Peruvian pima cotton is hand-harvested, which means the production process has a much-reduced impact on the environment than a machine-based harvesting production process. Hand-harvesting also means there is significantly less non-cotton matter gathered while collecting the cotton, which contributes to pima cotton's purity and elevated quality. Pima cotton is pile-resistant, ultra-durable, remarkably soft, and refinedly smooth. It is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin, and it's breathable and moisture-wicking for those active sock-lovers. 

FAIR TRADE - Handmade in Peru & Ecuador

Cruelty Free ❤️

*Personal experience- Alpaca socks are an Absolute MUST HAVE for winter dog walkers or Cool summer nights by the fire! Game changer!