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Vintage Turkish Mini~ Broad Beech Fern

Vintage Turkish Mini~ Broad Beech Fern

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IThis one-of-a-kind vintage Turkish rug was handwoven in the Anatolian region of Turkey over 50 years ago. It has had small repairs by skilled artisans and is in excellent condition! This Rug has also been straightened and professionally cleaned without chemicals using traditional methods.

This “Medallion”rug is cultural item, with a meaningful design- Sure to carry some of the character, warmth and the intrigue of the ages into any room in your home!  
Turkish Rugs are handknotted by weavers who useuse symbols, shapes and colour to tell a story and offer hopes of protection, and abundance to all who encounter them. Consider the “Yastik” or doormats who se symbols grace the threshold of your home, warding off evil and welcoming in good health and prosperity!  These Vintage Kilims have had a whole history of their own, and now they can be part of your story!

Ethically Sourced

Vintage 50- 55 years old

Double Knotted

Measuring Approximately: 24 x 40”

Region of origin: Kırşehir