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Tranquillo Luggage Tag~ Atlantic Blue
Tranquillo Luggage Tag~ Atlantic Blue

Tranquillo Luggage Tag~ Atlantic Blue

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Brave Soles Accessories are

female owned, ethically produced and globally inspired.

We believe in work done with dignity, sustainable fashion, and a future that we can all create together.  

A luggage tag that is constructed from upcycled leather plane seat covers❤️

Crafted from reclaimed leather from Voyageur Aviation planes, this tag has endless transatlantic miles that it has traveled ahead of you. 

The word, tranquilo, means to keep calm. And we all know that calm is exactly what you need when you are watching that luggage carousel come around and you have your fingers crossed you will be reconnected with your luggage.

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Carbon Neutral Product
Leather Care

It's easy and wise to take care of your leather accessories. Doing this gives you peace of mind AND makes your products age better and keep their beautiful shine.

We suggest the following:

1. Clean them with a cotton cloth or a soft bristled brush to wipe away dirt.

2. Apply leather conditioner  (our favourite is Leather Better) with a soft cloth and rub thoroughly and evenly onto leather surface. Gently buff after a brief drying time.