Moroccan Duffle -Katherine

Moroccan Duffle -Katherine

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These One of a Kind Moroccan leather bags are handcut and machine stitched one at a time in a small workshop in Fez, Morocco. Our Moroccan Duffles and Weekenders are a quintessential carry-on for the world traveller, or a perfect place for those who like to stay closer to home to gather necessities for Daytripping, and weekends away! 

Moroccan leather is still tanned the traditional way in large open air tanneries using organic tanning methods. This produces a hard-wearing leather, which softens and improves with use, developing a darker sheen, as it absorbs the natural oils from your skin.  Natural variations in colour and texture of wool in different parts of the bag add to its beauty and authenticity and should not be viewed as a defect.

Hand crafted from fine wool and lambskin

Ethically Sourced