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Agate Nightlights~ Various Colours
Agate Nightlights~ Various Colours

Agate Nightlights~ Various Colours

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Agate night lights emit a soft colourful glow, making them perfect for a child's room or the hallway. These night lights are assembled in Canada using agate from Brazil and come in a variety of natural shapes and colours. Some night lights are colour treated to produce a number of appealing hues.

Agate is also known as chalcedony quartz and often displays concentric rings.

It is used to harmonize Yin and Yang, help build self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body/mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone and also helps the body's connection to the earth. It is considered a good luck stone and enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

Agate from Brazil, Made in Canada


Approx. 3 - 7 cm agate slice
if you have a specific colour request contact us for availability!