Rugs~ Boucherouite & Boujad


As home décor trends become more global, design-lovers are finding themselves captivated by textiles from cultures thousands of years old. This is especially true of rugs, one of our latest design obsessions! The Boucherouite and Boujad rugs of Morocco's Berber tribes, bridge the simple categories of old and new, adhering to and expanding on ancient traditions to meet the needs and conditions of modern life.

One of the most striking features of these rugs is the amazing variety of colours, in the traditional elements of design, and in the dazzling free form nature of the patterns that grace each rug. Shapes appear, fade and reappear as motifs and color palettes evolve all in the space of a single rug. 

While Boucherouite patterns can appear random they reflect the improvisational skills of Berber weavers while still adhering to motifs with centuries of history. While in the Boujad Rugs, with designs being more than decorative, the patterns allude to a number of metaphysical beliefs including protection from evil, as well as the Berber understanding of the human body and the fluid nature of the universe.  The diversity of Boucherouite rugs is a reflection of the diversity of Berber culture.


*Personal experience- Gorgeous addition to any room - our Boucherouite is in the kitchen(seriously! with my messy men folk!) Easy to shake out, Boucherouite can be washed(easy tutorials on line)! Love! Boujad Rugs are made to last, and these vintage beauties have already stood the test of time, let your favourite become part of your family’s history!

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